Think back to school. A B C D F. Apparently 'E' disappeared somewhere between D and F but I guess it works :) This is basically what I was thinking when I decided the system. It was sort of random, but I was reading my report card when it popped into my head :P Luckily there were no D's and F's on that... wish i could say the same about that C in math......

*updated July 2, 2012*

A+   I loved it! It was seriously close to perfect and extremely enticing! I couldn't stop until I was finished. Where is the sequel?!
A    Amazing. Couldn't take my eyes from it even in my sleep! Come on sequel!
A-   Totally awesome! Really well written and strong and I loved every aspect of it.

B+  That was enjoyable to read and a great way to pass the time. The majority of it was truly enticing.
B    I really liked this book! And I fell in love with at least most of it and wish for more.
B-   Not many things about it were sincerely captivating but it was enough to get me to finish and hope for a sequel (if there is one).

C+  Interesting enough but I had some problems with it that I was able to work through.
C    I liked it okay-ish but it wasn't really my type.
C-  Some parts had me cringing in pain but everything else kept me reading.

D   It could have been better... and I will definitely not be reading it again.

F    Very much detested this book from start to finish. Sadly, I finished it, though.

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